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We believe that life is not a rehearsal. You only have one chance to live it the way you want – there is no take two!

Our job is to help our clients get and keep the lifestyle they want.

We regard financial planning as a journey to help you achieve your life goals. Our focus is not on gathering as many clients as possible but rather on making sure we evolve, adapt and continually strengthen the service we give to our clients. As such, we aim to work with like-minded clients who are prepared to embark on this journey with us.

We believe everyone has the power to live life on their own terms. Financial security, freedom, and plenty of time for their loved ones. No compromises.

In many ways then, life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Your vision of the future tells us what your completed puzzle looks like. You dream it and we’ll help you put the pieces together in the most efficient way. We call this your Financial Plan.

With everything we do, we aim to provide greater clarity and control over your finances. It’s your puzzle, your future, you are in the driving seat. The result is full confidence in achieving and maintaining the lifestyle you love.

IFS Wealth & Pensions is an accredited Chartered Financial Planning firm which is widely regarded as the gold standard for financial advice and planning. There are fewer than 600 firms in the whole of the UK that are Chartered and we’re one of them.

We are Chartered Financial Planners, publicly committed to a customer-first approach and values that align with a professional Code of Ethics. We’ll provide solutions relevant to your needs, maintaining our knowledge through qualifications and ongoing professional development.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that an ethical and highly qualified professional is looking after them. In short, we sit on the same side of the table as you do, and we work for your best interests only.

Lifestyle Cashflow Planning/Modelling helps you answer the big question:

Have I got enough money?

This is at the heart of what we do as Chartered Financial Planners.  After establishing the future lifestyle you wish to live, including your goals, aspirations, ideal retirement age etc., we then graphically illustrate your financial future and identify any concerns and shortfalls.

This then forms the foundation of the Financial Advice we subsequently provide to help you achieve and maintain the life you want, without worrying about running out of money. Watch our Cashflow Model Video to learn more.

Our expertise – what we do for clients

Investments & Savings

IFSWP Investments & Savings
  • Review your existing investments
  • Ensure your money is working hard
  • Help you save tax-efficiently
  • Whole of market research

Pensions review

IFSWP Retirement & Pension Planning
  • Review & consolidate your pensions
  • Help you save tax & retire comfortably
  • Auto-Enrolment & director’s pension
  • Whole of market research

Retirement Planning

IFSWP - Retirement Planning - peace of mind
  • Explain your at-retirement options
  • Flexi-access, annuity, drawdown
  • Peace of mind financial freedom
  • Whole of market research

Mortgages & Insurances

IFSWP Mortgage & family protection insurance advice
  • Explain the different mortgage types
  • Family protection & peace of mind
  • Life insurance, critical illness & more
  • Whole of market research
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