Independent Financial Advice

What is it?

Independent Financial Advice is about sensible planning to allow you to make the best financial decisions, often over the long-term, with the information at hand. In an ideal world, this can help you achieve your goals in life; and it’s not just about buying products like a pension or an ISA.

It involves wider areas of your finances, such as putting appropriate wills in place to protect your family, thinking about how your family will manage without your income should you fall ill or die prematurely, thinking about when you’d like to retire and the lifestyle (and income) you’d like to have.

Have you ever thought about what the next 5 years would look like for you? How about the next 10 or 20 years? With our help, you can design and achieve the financial future you desire.

By planning your finances to meet your goals you will:

  • Have greater certainty and confidence of your future
  • Gain financial freedom, control and peace of mind

Areas of advice

Generally we can categorise what we do into a few advice areas:

  • Investment planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Inheritance tax planning & advice
  • Insurances
  • Mortgage advice
  • Financial planning for small businesses

We believe financial planning is more than just helping you grow your money; it’s about your life, your goals, priorities and your ambitions.  Some people think an IFA is only for the wealthy, but this is not the case at all and the majority of our clients are everyday people.  Whether you are building a business, planning for retirement, seeking help to manage or invest your money, looking to protect your family assets or pay less tax, IFS Wealth & Pensions can advise you.  Our background with the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) means that we have expertise in advising business owners and private individuals.

We frequently work in partnership with your other professional advisers, such as accountants and solicitors, to ensure you reach your long-term goals.

How we do it

When we meet for the first time, we will explain to you our 4-Step Financial Planning Process.  We take all of our clients through every step of this journey because providing you with a consistently high standard of advice and service is of paramount importance to us.

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